What Can I Do To Fix My Car's Stock Headlight Bulbs?

Whether you’ve driven a vehicle once or a million times – you know how vital headlights are to staying safe on the road. While some headlights could be too bright, causing opposing drivers to squint their eyes every time they see the light so bright, most of these bulbs on the market right now – and for most of the last decade – are too dim.

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that most of the market’s competitors had front-facing dim and bright lights earning the lowest score possible, a rating of “poor.”

Not only is product quality and related customer satisfaction down – safety on highways, freeways, city streets, and backroads are all down, as drivers cannot see what’s ahead of them as well as they could when the average motor vehicle’s lights were acceptable, rather than just scraping the bottom of the barrel, as many competitors’ are today.

Consumers can either fix affected headlights themselves or take them to our shop – Larry H. Miller Honda Murray – where we care about every customer.

Visit us today, and we can help you service your vehicle’s headlights.

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