Finance Product FAQs

There are a lot of finance products you can purchase when you buy or lease a new or used car. In fact, it's easy to get them confused, forget what your package covers, to figure out how to redeem your finance product benefits, etc. We've put some videos together that include an explanation of the finance products that we offer. Click on the videos below or fill out the form below to contact one of our finance experts.
Drive Pur
On average, people spend 293 hours a year driving our cars. That's a lot of time to spend in one of the dirtiest places that we spend our time. Drive Pur is a product that attacks germs, mold, mildew and more, all while keeping your vehicle smelling like new for the next five years.
Appearance Protection
The purpose of appearance protection is to help maintain the value of the vehicle and has three parts that it covers for five years:
  • Exterior: Paint fade, rust, oxidization, salt damage, & damage from trees or birds
  • Interior: Stains, rips & tears, or premature wear on your upholstery or leather
  • Dents & Dings: All dents & dings will be pulled out over the next 5 years with unlimited amount of occurences.
Key Replacement
Replacing a lost car key can be really expensive because most car keys now tend to have additional technological parts in them such as remote start and proximity sensors. Our key replacement package would give you up to $800 in key replacement per year or two Honda keys per year.
GAP Insurance
GAP Insurance means Guaranteed Asset Protection. It protects you in the case you get in a total loss accident. So if you get in an accident when you owe $20,000 on your vehicle but it's only worth $15,000 to your insurance company, GAP insurance covers the $5,000 you still owe on your car.
Prepaid Maintenance
Buying in bulk virtually always saves money. So why not buy in bulk on your vehicle's service needs? Our prepaid maintenance package is the best deal out there and makes sure your warranty stays in tact. Click here to see our service specials or to schedule service.
Tire & Wheel Protection
It used to be that if you scraped a curb with your wheel, the tire would leave a black mark on the curb. In that same scenario today, the rim sticks out a little and scrapes the curb leaving a gash on your rim. Tire and wheel protection covers both!
Service Contracts
Comprehensive and power train service contracts provide you with peace of mind and reduce your out of pocket expenses in the event that something goes wrong with your vehicle.
  • Power Train Contracts: Covers transmission, engine and power axle service.
  • Comprehensive Contracts: These cover the technological side of repairs and services on your car.

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