Learn how to maximize your Honda you bought with Larry H. Miller Honda Murray

Did you recently buy a new Honda vehicle and not sure how to work some things? We want to help you utilize your Honda to it's full capabilities! Took at a look at some of these videos that we have made for you.

Introduction to Honda Technology

Learn about the exciting technology new Honda models have to offer! Every new Honda comes standard with a backup camera and Bluetooth connection to your phone! Watch the video above to learn more!

How to Set Your Honda Clock

Setting the clock in your new Honda is easy, especially with the help of Taylor, our Honda technology expert! Here's how to set the clock in your new Honda.

How To Use Honda Backup Camera

Every new Honda vehicle comes standard with a backup camera. Let Taylor, our Honda technology specialist show you how to use it in the video above. 

How to Use Honda LaneWatch

Here at Larry H. Miller Honda in Murray we want to keep you safe in your stylish new ride. That's why our Honda technology specialist will show you how to use Honda LaneWatch in the video above. 

How To Load Honda Wallpaper

If you're wondering how to change your Honda wallpaper, our Honda technology specialist can help you in the video above. 

How to Use Honda Navigation

How do you use Honda navigation on the new Honda you just bought? Watch the video above to see just how simple it is!

Honda Smart Entry and Push Start

Here's how to use your Honda smart entry and push start ignition. You can learn how to do it in just over a minute!

How to Use Honda Bluetooth

Bluetooth comes standard on all new Honda vehicles. Here's how to connect your phone using Honda Bluetooth.

How to Change Your Oil

Learning how to work on a car can be intimidating, no matter how small the task. Above is a quick video on how to change the oil on your Honda. 

How to Replace Your Wiper Blades

Being able to see clearing in rain or snow is incredibly important to your safety. That's why know how to replace your wiper blades is a must. Learn how to quickly and easily replace your wiper blades in the video above.