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Now Available at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray

There's a lot on your plate, and you don't have time to wait around for auto repair. Even when you're not on the go, you may prefer to avoid unnecessary contact with others at the service center.

Your answer? The Larry H. Miller Honda Murray Personal Concierge Service. Available for all service and maintenance, our concierge service enables you to have contact-free auto repair that's safe, quick, and simple.

Why Choose Concierge Service?

If you're like many people, you have so much going on that there never seems to be time to get your car serviced. Or, it may just be safer or more comfortable to stay at home. Fortunately, Larry H. Miller Honda Murray offers pick-up and drop-off auto repair service so you can say goodbye to our waiting room! Just set up an appointment, and we'll pick up your vehicle, drop it off, or both.

Our convenient concierge process takes drop-off service to the next level by allowing you to choose one-way pickup or round-trip delivery to your home, office, or worksite. It's only $25 for one-way delivery or $45 for round-trip service for up to a 10-mile radius from our dealership.

How Do Concierge Service Professionals Keep You Safe?

Larry H. Miller Honda Murray's Personal Concierge Service goes to great lengths to ensure clean, safe, no-contact auto repair. Our service valets, service advisors, and service technicians always wear fresh gloves for each vehicle we deal with. We also use a seat cover to protect the driver's seat and clean the steering wheel to sanitize it.

With our door-to-door concierge service, all interior touchpoints are wiped down with disinfectant and the exterior is washed and lightly detailed after the car has been serviced.

How Do You Schedule Personal Concierge Service?

Not only does our Personal Concierge Service keep you safe, but it's also very easy to arrange. Our service center will email you when its time for regularly scheduled maintenance, or you can contact us online or by phone to set up an appointment. Just select "Personal Concierge Service" (one-way or two-way) from the online service menu, or tell us that you want concierge service when you call.

Contact Larry H. Miller Honda Murray today to see how drop-off car repair or complete concierge service can free up time and simplify your life.

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