Honda Shock and Strut replacement in Murray

Shock/Strut Replacement at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray

Every Honda models has a suspension keeping the axles, wheels, and brakes of your Honda balanced, but shocks and struts work the hardest in maintaining that balance. While both serve different functions, both represent equally crucial components in maintaining proper alignment balance and ensuring that the suspension continues to work properly. When the shocks and struts of your Honda come due for replacement, schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray and come see us on South State St in Murray, UT.

What Are the Shocks and Struts?

The shocks, or shock absorbers, work similar to an oil pump, with pistons delivering hydraulic fluid from a pressure tube to the pistons to slow down suspension as needed. The combination of parts ultimately prevents the suspension from bouncing excessively when driving across rockier terrain. While some believe shocks simply balance the weight of the vehicle, they work more intricately in keeping the ride smooth.

The struts of your suspension also help absorb the shock of a bumpier ride by usage of pistons and hydraulic fluid to provide resistance against excessive bouncing and swaying. However, struts also perform a second task, thus, one cannot simply use them and shocks interchangeably. The struts also provide structural support, holding the coil springs, wheels, and tires in an aligned position.

When Should Shocks/Struts Undergo Replacement?

We recommend replacing shocks and struts once every 30-50,000 miles. However, you should always keep the important signs in mind when these components start to wear down, including excessive bouncing, swaying, and leaning to one side. If your Honda exhibits uneven tire wear or instability at highway speeds, you should also have your shocks/struts inspected immediately.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

When the shocks/struts of your suspension come due for replacement, schedule an appointment and come see our service center at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray today!


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