We're well into Spring, the temperatures are starting to rise, and before you know it Summer will be here! Is your Honda vehicle ready for the months of travel and fun activities ahead? Review this checklist to see where you stand.


Have you swapped out your winter tires for your all-seasons? We know it can be tempting to keep them on all year, but they really aren't meant for the warmer temps.


When was the last time you had your battery checked? You don't want to get "grounded" right before an outing! The Larry H. Miller Honda Murray service center is here to help with tires, batteries, and other mechanical needs.


Do you have the Genuine Honda Accessories that will make gear-focused activities easier to enjoy? If not, our parts team can help you order racks, organizers, roof-top cargo boxes, towing equipment, and more.


Have you cleaned out our car since Winter? Spend 30 or so minutes Spring-cleaning the interior on a sunny afternoon. You'll find things that have slipped between the cracks and make space for future trips.

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