The Family SUV Like You've Never Seen It Before

A Move Away from Minivans

While minivans have been the norm for decades when a parent needed a vehicle to bring their kids to a soccer game, the 2018 Honda Pilot is quickly supporting the move towards Family SUV options. With all of the features, most of the space, and all of the capability of a minivan, we are sure that you won't regret getting behind the wheel of one.

The first move away from minivans started when crossovers came into the mix. Manufacturers realize that SUVs didn't need to be bulky behemoths that only catered to those looking for a truck-like model to explore and adventure off-road with. The market started to move towards trendy hatchbacks, then more capable crossovers, and currently ended up at the Family SUV. The Family SUV provides the handling that you can be confident with while still offering you all of the room to fit your kids and their gear. Once you learn more about the Honda Pilot, you will see that a more creative design doesn't detract from usefulness for your family.


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Seating Options

Being good for a family means being versatile. Not every family has the same needs, and being able to adapt to that is important; luckily, the Honda Pilot is as versatile as they come.

With room for eight passengers, none of them will feel cramped in their seat. The two front seats are pretty standard, but the two benches behind it are a little different than competitor options. The benches sprawl from edge to edge of the interior, making for the most space possible.

Now, if you want to upgrade, the Elite option substitutes that middle row for Captain's Chairs to provide maximum room and comfort. This might be an option to consider if you don't normally take up all eight seats, or if you frequently travel with adults rather than children.

The rear row will always be a bench - no substitute offered there. It is always easily accessible though thanks to the second row being able to slide with the push of a button. Older three-row models used to have a lever that you had to search for under the seat, but Honda realized that was a poor design, especially when children tend to spill things and leave sticky messes on everything under seats.

Interior Space to Take Advantage Of

Whether you are looking for maximum cargo space or maximum passenger space, the Honda Pilot provides more than enough of both. With all of the seats being used, you are getting 16.5 cubic feet of cargo space, with the third row down you are getting 47 cubic feet, and with both back rows down you are getting 83.9 cubic feet! With the 152.9 cubic feet of passenger space, you are sure to be able to find a configuration that fits all of your passengers and all of their gear.

You can also utilize the little pockets, holes, and cubbies that can hold all kinds of small items. Whether you are looking for a place to put your phone, hold a snack for a little while, or to drop your toys in, there will be a place for it all.

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The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System that is available for the Honda Pilot will make sure you can maintain the best traction in the worst conditions. The full name of this system is Intelligent Variable Torque Management All-Wheel Drive, or i-VTM4 AWD, but, since that is a lot to remember, all you need to know is that it works phenomenally, monitoring road conditions every fraction of a second to adjust power for the best grip on the road. The front wheels are favored when conditions are good to make sure you are getting the best fuel economy possible, but sends torque to the rear when it senses conditions that need it.

If you are looking to take your vehicle over some bumpy roads, uneven pavement, or the dirt tracks of a campground, you can appreciate the 7.3 inches of ground clearance between your Honda Pilot and the mess underneath you. The AWD system will maintain control, and the ground clearance will make sure none of your components hit the ground.

Interior Tech

A family vehicle wouldn't be complete without technology to keep everyone entertained. The five-inch display screen uses buttons and toggles to show all of the relevant information on the LX and EX trims, but can be upgraded with some of the most advanced trims.

If you opt for the EX or higher trim levels, you can appreciate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration. Your SUV will mimic the usual layout of a smartphone and can stream phone calls, music and media, text messages, and maps through the display on your car. These trims also offer a larger, eight-inch electrostatic touchscreen that runs HondaLink.

Upgrading further to the Touring and Elite will include a Blu-Ray/DVD entertainment system, and an advanced Navigation system.

Safety Features

We know that this is one of the most important aspects of a vehicle that you plan to put your family in. On EX trims and above, you can choose the active safety features that come with Honda Sensing. Features like Lane Departure Warning, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Road Departure Mitigation System, and certain available features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams, and more help keep you a safe distance from other vehicles.

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Choosing the Honda Pilot

Any vehicle that improves on the capabilities, features, and design of a minivan is going to be a great one for any family to get into. The Honda Pilot is setting an example that you don't need to have a bland look to be practical, and that change isn't a bad thing (especially when it comes to minivans).

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