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Your Battery Needs Attention, Too

When to have your battery diagnosed:
Most folks, especially those with new cars, expect their car battery to last a long time. While this is typically the case, there are telltale signs that indicate your battery needs attention. Should you notice that any interior accessories, the horn or headlights don't appear to be operating as usual, it's time to have your battery checked out. If the warranty on your battery is about to expire, it's best to contact the Parts Center at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray. We can replace your battery and perform scheduled maintenance on…
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Cracked Windshield? We Have the Equipment to Help

If a rock flew off the pavement and hit your windshield and cracked it, we can replace your windshield with quality equipment right away. This happens at times. Or, maybe it didn't crack the glass, and just chipped it a bit. Even a chip can potentially get dangerous. It can impair your vision, and migrate into a larger and larger crack until your windshield needs to get an entire replacement. If there is a chip of glass taken out of your windshield, that chip can slowly turn into a crack, and pressure, vibration, and time may eventually wear it…

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Basic Tire Maintenance May Extend Your Tire Life

Your tires need to get maintained in order to keep them operational, and some simple steps can pay dividends over the long term. These are some of the maintenance steps you can take with your tires:

1) Check Your Tread: The treads on your tires protect the tire tubing from decay. As the tread wears down, you will have to replace your tires though rotating your tires can extend them.

2) Keep them Inflated: Properly inflated tires are less likely to burst and can help to keep your gas mileage at an efficient rate...

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Vehicle Maintenance

Do you want to make your car last as long as possible? If you do, you need to make sure that you are doing regular vehicle maintenance in a variety of ways. This is something that a lot of people can benefit from, especially as it relates to taking their car to a new level. There are a lot of people today who are interested in vehicle maintenance for a variety of reasons. Not only will it make your car last longer, but it will also make you think about ways that you can invest in the future.
At our…
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Which oil is better for my car?

During the lifetime of each car there will be a ton of oil changes. Changing oil on a car or truck regularly is a must. It keeps the vehicle running efficiency, prevents engine damage and ensures the car will live to its fullest potential.
There are a couple of choices when trying to decide which oil product to use. Is it better to use conventional, full synthetic, or a mix?
Some manufactures are going to require the use of full synthetic oil, and drivers who don't use it could lose out on a warranty. There are others that do…
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